Dickinson's Store -

Kathy Miller's Insurance Agency

When the Rock Island Railroad built their line through New Lenox Township in 1852, the population center shifted to the center of the township. H. N. Dickinson built a grain elevator, a general store, and a building supply business, east to west, and backing to the railroad west of Cedar Road. The grain elevator and the general store are still standing. They are among the earliest commercial buildings in the village.

Dickinson's store sold food, household and personal items traditional to such emporiums. Dickinson added picture postcards (which were the source of many of the early photographs of New Lenox). He also produced a newspaper which reported what was on sale in the store, current postal rates, humor and articles on New Lenox and editorials boosting community assets. Two owners, Dickinson and Bert Brown, were postmasters, and the post office operated here.

The building has been remarkably adaptable. It went from a general store to a grocery store. Owners included Bert Brown, George Petersen, Dorothy Osmus (later Wirth), Tony Padjukas, and business partners Bob Hunter and Lloyd Berlin.

The building was then converted to a hardware store by Ray Reim. James Wirt operated his law practice from this building for many years. The latest owner is Kathy Miller who has an insurance agency. Miller has many historical items on display in the lobby of the building.

Named an official Will Country landmark in 2009.

The child pictured is Lois J. Petersen (b.1927) and her mother Carrie A. Petersen.

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